the letdown

I’ve been waiting for this to happen. I didn’t know how long it would take, but I knew the high wouldn’t last forever; I’m just sad it didn’t last longer.

I’m now experiencing what call only be called the post-70.3 blues. I imagine this is what addicts feel like once the drugs have worn off. It’s been a few days since I crossed the finish line. I’ve talked ceaselessly about my accomplishment. (to the extent that some are likely avoiding my phone calls) I can no longer brag to family and friends about what I’ve done. Everybody has heard! The race event photographer has sent my photos and I’ve looked at the expression of sheer joy on my face hundreds of times. Others have moved one, it’s now time for me to do the same.

So, I’m going back to my regular life, just like all of you have. Don’t get me wrong, I will be forever changed by this experience. I had to dig deeper than I ever have to reach my goal. I learned that I am mentally stronger than I ever thought possible (and I’ve always thought I was unbelievably mentally strong!) And, I can’t be too depressed, my niece Lucky now calls me “IronMel!”

room with a view

After several hours on an airplane, I finally arrived in China. Now, this is the view from my window every morning I wake up. Gorgeous, no? 

I got to spend a bit of time exploring Shanghai on my own before heading out to Yangshou (where Meggie and jg live) I was so excited to see the two of them waiting for me at the airport in Guilin. Unfortunately, the weather has been nothing but cold and rainy since I arrived. Hopefully it will soon clear and we will do some climbing and exploring. In the meantime, I'm eating every delicious food I can get my hands on, and there's a lot of it here! We've done some shopping and some indoor bouldering. There will definitely be more to share. But for now, just be jealous of my amazing view!

drive smarter

With gas prices the way they are, couldn’t we all use a break? Check out what you can do to improve fuel efficiency and save a little money here. You might even lessen your carbon foot print. Originally seen here.

The Dog Days of Summer

Or, is there any sport but baseball to watch? (as I prefer to call them) Yes, this proves they are officially over! It may be only pre-season, but I’ll take what I can get. Unfortunately I have to deal with this for another season. But, if it means watching my Cowboys play, I’ll deal with T.O. for another season. He’d just better play well and leave the antics out of his game!

It’s about time we punished those punks!

I have long voiced my hatred of longboarders in the Provo Canyon. However, are we being a bit ridiculous in our punishment of them? I recently saw this in the Salt Lake Tribune. And honestly, who’s going to patrol the canyon? This punishment and issuing of citations will last for a month, tops. So, board on longboarders, just use a little caution and respect others in the canyon!

Oh, it’s a Meggie Jake original!

A few months ago, I headed to JoAnn’s to pick out some fabric for my new “gym bag.” Every time since then when I have asked Megan about its progress, I get a “it’s not even cut out yet.” Well, on Saturday I headed to my parents (where Meggie is now a resident) for Waffle Day! As I was waiting for my waffle to cook, Megan tells me to wait there as she has something for me. I then close my eyes and hold out my hand (as directed) and this beautiful bag is slipped over my wrist. I was shocked and amazed! It turned out even better than expected and I absolutely love it! Meggie really is AMAZING!!

As a side note, this is actually a diaper bag. However, because of the numerous pockets inside and the great cell phone pouch on the strap (what a great feature!!) I wanted one as a gym/anything bag…..for those times when you have quite a bit to tote, but not enough for a huge duffel and you still want to look cute and fashionable. If you’re interested in ordering one of these beauties {keep in mind, they are custom made, so it may take a few days (or even a couple weeks)to get one} you can contact Meggie Jake at