i choose to believe

I have a 9 year old niece who still believes in the wonder of Santa Claus. Not having children, I don’t know at what age they quit believing and start to question. However, I think there is something special about this child. She is the most logical and rational kid you’ll ever meet. Seriously! She once convinced her mom to let her have cookies for breakfast (true story!) She was 6 at the time and she wanted cookies for breakfast. Her mom informed her that cookies were not a breakfast food, but rather a dessert. She immediately shot back that they have donuts for breakfast sometimes and they also have donuts for dessert sometimes. How were cookies any different than donuts? She got cookies for breakfast that day. So, it is shocking that this brilliant, rational child still believes that a fat man in a red suit travels the world on Christmas Eve and delivers presents to all the children of the world. On some level, I think she knows it isn’t possible. But ultimately, I think she wants to believe; because there is something magical about believing.

Believing isn’t always easy. There is lots in this world that makes me not want to believe. There is so much hurt, pain, heartache and sadness in this world. I’ve definitely seen my share. It sometimes seems that there are only those awful events and experiences to be had in life. Life can be hard! Some days it just seems easier to give up, to quit believing and just accept a miserable rotten life. I’ve definitely felt this way in my life and certainly over the past few weeks. But even amongst all the sadness and heartache I still believe!

I realize as a grown woman it my be corny to still believe, but trust me I do. I believe in the goodness of people. I believe that I can make the US Olympic team (even though I’m not an expert at any sport). I believe that someday I will grow 2 more inches (because I’ve always dreamed of being 5’10”). I believe that someday I will make perfect cupcakes (because I already make perfect cookies!) I believe that someday I will find my soul-mate, my perfect match,
my dream guy and I’ll marry him. I believe (even as a woman of my
age) that I will be blessed with a child of my own. I believe in magic and fairy tales and pixie dust and unicorns and the happy ending.

While the notion defies all logic and rationale, much like my niece, I believe in Santa Claus. Maybe not the literal being, but all that he represents. You see, I’d rather believe in happiness, hope, kindness, love and even a little magic. And so, everyday I choose to believe!

2 thoughts on “i choose to believe

  1. I absolutely believe in Santa. It is one of the few things I still believe in that gives me hope for a better tomorrow. Santa represents hope, love, charity and kindness. All things we could use a little more of in our lives.

    I loved this post and I love you.

  2. We could all use a little more hope and love. I'm glad I'm not the only adult who still believes.

    Love you too!

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