a little posh will make you smile

As far as I’m concerned, the sole purpose of children is to provide entertainment. You parents probably don’t agree with me. Mostly because all those things your children do that you find horrifying and embarrassing, I find them to be hilarious! I’m certain that I could write volumes (and have shared some) about the munchkins and the funny things they do and say that leave their parents horrified.  Instead I decided to share a funny story that is also very touching and sweet.

I love my niece Posh. Seriously, can’t get enough of the kid. I can only understand about 60% of what she says, she insists on being carried everywhere (lucky for her she only weighs 27 lbs) and she loves everyone. And, she’s the best fake sleeper around. OK, maybe not the best at it, but once she commits she is dedicated to the cause; nothing will get her to open her eyes!

A while back I was having a terrible, rotten, no good day! It was just a bunch of little things adding up to make for a bad day. And, I was feeling very much like nobody cared about me or my needs. (Yes, I was feeling sorry for myself and I recognize how silly that is) It was a Sunday so we were all hanging out at my brothers place. While eating dinner, I’d jokingly told Posh I was going to take a nap in her bed. Her response, “Adults can only sleep in my bed if they say please.” So, I asked her please could I take a nap in her bed. I wasn’t serious, but just wanted to see how she reacted.

After dinner was over, dishes were done and things cleaned up, I went over to the couch to read my book. About 5 minutes later, Posh walks over and tells me its time to take a nap. There’s no telling a 3 year old “no” so I followed her up to her room. She told me to lay on her bed while she went to find her pillow. (Apparently, she had lost her pillow privileges the night before due to an incident with her 6 year old sister – my guess is a pillow fight) She returned and proceeded to cover me up with her blanket (trust me, this is a big deal as nobody uses her blanket) Upon leaving the room she shut the door, most of they way and headed downstairs. I then hear her telling everybody, “Be quiet! Mel is trying to sleep!”

Only about 3 minutes pass before she is back in the room to check on me. As she is coming in the room, her brother turns on the TV in the play room to watch some Olympic hockey.  Posh tells him he needs to turn the TV off because “Mel is trying to sleep.” She comes in and asks if I can sleep with the TV on. Since I’m not really sleeping, I tell her its fine, the boys can watch TV. She then leaves again and says she’ll be back in 5 minutes to get me.

Well, since I was never really planning on taking a nap, I grab my book from the floor to finish reading the chapter I was on.  Once finished, I hop off the bed and head downstairs to hang with all the munchkins. My niece informs me that it hasn’t been 5 minutes and she was going to get me when time had lapsed. I asked if it was okay for me to stay up. She decided that since I was already up, there was no reason for me to head back upstairs and wait for her to get me.

She is honestly the funniest and cutest kid around (and I’m totally biased since she is related to me)! It was very funny and entertaining to me the things she has picked up regarding nap time.  My favorite thing however was the fact that she was so concerned about me. I love that she was telling everyone to be quiet so I could sleep (even though I had no intention of taking a nap). It was very sweet to have someone looking out for me and making sure I was taken care of.  It was just what I needed! And, every time I think about this incident, it just makes me smile.