sugar lent

Not being Catholic, I’ve never participated in Lent. However, I have a roommate, who is also not Catholic, but who participates in Lent every year. This year we’ve established our own holiday “Sugar Lent.” The premise behind this made-up holiday is the forgoing of all sugar, except on Sundays. Its all in a effort to be healthier and to aid us in our training for upcoming races.

I’d like to lay out the “rules” of this holiday.  Monday to Saturday, we can’t eat any sugar–cookies, candy, cake, donuts, ice cream–you know, the good stuff.  However on Sunday, we can eat any form of sugar we want.  Of course there are always exceptions to the above “rules.”

Items that you might think are taboo during sugar lent, but are in actuality legal:

gummy vitamins: hello! they’re vitamins and you need to eat about 37 at breakfast, lunch & dinner
sugar coated cereal: I believe its fortified and has plenty of vitamins
chocolate covered almonds: protein – check, dairy – check, antioxidants – check
pretty much any fruit or nut that’s chocolate covered: see above

I know I’m missing items on this list. Please let me know what other items might initially appear to be taboo, but actually have health benefits and are therefore legal during sugar lent.

3 thoughts on “sugar lent

  1. Please tell me the cherry (or lime!) flavoring Sonic puts in their Happy Hour therapy isn't taboo. I don't think I could go on.

    {My little word verification word is "trimen" or tri-men. Sign? I think so}

  2. Sonic flavorings are definitely on the "not taboo" list.

    And let's hope that your verification word is a sign – especially after yesterday's post!

  3. Seriously! Does Sugar Lent go through Conference Weekend? Because I will be sadly disappointed if you do not honor the age-old Tradition of Pluckit on Conference Sunday for breakfast!

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