I think I might be getting dumber…..

or the New York Times crossword is getting harder. Everyday at work a fellow employee prints off the New York Times crossword puzzle from the BYU paper. I can usually finish the Monday and Tuesday version rather easily. But, not this week…..I was struggling with the Monday edition. At this rate, I’m not going to get a single answer on Friday.

PS–if you’ve had more success with these two, don’t tell me. It will only make me feel even less smart than I already do!

4 thoughts on “I think I might be getting dumber…..

  1. wow, wow, WOW Mel… if you EVER need to feel smarter – come see me. I don’t get crosswords at all!! I tried once to do one so i could exercise my mind like that… got so frustrated with it… I started filling in the boxes with the words of the song I was listening to!

  2. oh, by-the-way – if you want to feel smarter then me at least… I hate those word verifications you make me do to place a comment on your blog! I never get them right the first time, and it usually takes me 3 shots. It actually deters me from commenting on your blog! WHY do the letters have to be so SMOOSHED together!?!?

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