SLC swimming pool institue mandated bathroom breaks!

Due to the recent outbreak of Cryptosporidium in SLC, all pools are required to close for 10 minutes during every hour. The exception to this rule (at least where I swim, Steiner East) is during lap swim only times. I thought I went during the correct hours last night, but I was mistaken. Just as I had pushed off the wall for the second 200 of my 500m swim, I feel this tug on my leg. The other guy in my lane (who I do know) grabbed my leg to let me know we had to get out for the appropriate break. During this time, you’d think they would be checking chemical levels in the pool or something, but no! We were informed that the pool closing was really for a bathroom break. Are you kidding me?!? Fine, make the kids get out for a mandated bathroom break, but not the adults. Seriously, I think I’m old enough to make that decision for myself!

The best part of this whole issue is they keep hyper-chlorinating the pools. Chlorine does not kill the parasite in question. So, now I just get to be extra chlorinated and have burning eyes after a swim! Luckily I have TriSwim!

3 thoughts on “SLC swimming pool institue mandated bathroom breaks!

  1. No way… so you had to stop – mid workout – get out of the pool, just so the little kids could take a pottie break? You’ve GOT to be kidding me… TOO FUNNY!

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