It’s not a real thing, it’s our thing!

If you know me, you have heard me talk about my friend Rhielle. She is my running buddy! And the best tent mate for Cross Country Camp a girl could ask for! Cross Country Camp is our own little creation. After really starting to hang out with Rhielle after the Moab Half marathon 2006, she asked if I wanted to do a vacation……nothing but camping and running trails every day!

Last year we went to Durango and Telluride. Upon arriving in Durango, we learned about the Kennebeck Mountain Challenge. A 13 to 16 mile (nobody know the exact distance) mountain run. See how happy and cute we are before the race!
The scenery was amazing and there were great trails to be run everywhere we went. That’s why we are making it an annual thing. Everything I know about trail running I have learned from her. Because of her, I am no able to run and enjoy trails {even if I do fall and do some serious damage to myself…..Jupiter Peak Steeple Chase :)}
Again this year we did the Moab half marathon. Rhielle is such a great friend she stayed with me all but the last 5K. The guys she works with even gave us the “Mono Pace Band” as I was recovering from mono at the time and had to maintain a much slower pace than I am used to. On Sunday morning, we hiked up to Delicate Arch to watch the sunset…..what a beautiful place to be!

Rhielle has now started doing triathlons…..quite a feat when you consider she had never swam until January (seriously, not even swim lessons as a small child!) Not only has she done triathlons, but she took second place in her age division at the Woman of Steele triathlon in Bountiful over the weekend. Rhielle is a strong, amazing woman! I am proud to call her my friend……and I am a better person for knowing her.